What I’ve Been up to Recently

Well, things have been in a kind of flux lately. Recently I’ve been trying to adjust the way I eat, among other projects. (More on those projects in the future.) Much to PT’s dismay. I may have gone a bit crazy. There have been purchases. My “Ooh! Shiny!” reflex coming out once again. … Well, sort of. It’s not a weight thing, it’s a “I feel like crap all the time.” thing. Although the main motivation behind this is our daughter. Continue reading


Books and Their Many Forms

We all have been at that point where a hobby we’re passionate about gets set aside for a time. There are different reasons for this, of course. One is that we burn out and need a break. Another might be life’s obligations taking us away from it. I love to read. Escaping my, at times, petty problems, and delving into a world where I don’t have to think about my own shit is glorious. Buuut… Reading takes time. Time I rarely have anymore.

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Damn. It’s been awhile.

So, clearly I fail at blogging. And I also feel like I’m failing at editing. The third book, which I had hoped to have out about one year after the second (that would have been in January), is kicking my ever loving ass. My fabulous beta readers (you know who you are) have given valuable feedback, and now I’m so torn with what I spend my time on. Not to mention that I don’t even have a cover for Volley of Vows (that’s the title of the third book). Continue reading

Editing Frustrations

Update time!

A several weeks ago I got back notes from one of my freaking awesome beta readers. He read Frohman’s War: Volley of Vows. I completed the changes a few days ago, and sent it to another wonderful beta reader. She’s helped out on all my published works, and some that haven’t been published yet. But Volley of Vows, which will likely be the final installment of the Frohman’s War series, is not where my frustrations come from.

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Proofreading is Paramount

This is a pet peeve of mine. Word processing programs have come a long way in catching spelling errors and even some grammatical mistakes. Those programs can be a valuable tool for catching some of those errors, but that isn’t the only thing you need to look out for.

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The Lost Room

Have you ever that room in the house that got use, but then at some point became ignored and is now just a glorified storage room? And not even a storage room that’s organized. It’s chaotic. It’s a catch all. It’s horrifying enough to be in a movie about a house turning against the family who lives in it. This is the room PT and I began to about six weeks ago.

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I Don’t Understand

Someone please explain the phenomenon that is sending/receiving nudes. Whether it’s from/to a person that you’ve only ever met online or someone you’ve met in person. I don’t get it, but it seems extremely popular.

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