Prologue and First Chapter of Campaign of Acceptance

A month ago I promise that at least a week the release I would publish the Prologue on this blog, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to post the Prologue and the first chapter. I try and keep things on the blog relatively clean, so I am taking out a sex scene. Sorry, but if want those, you’ll have to buy the book on January 19th. So, without further ado, here is the Prologue and first chapter of Frohman’s War: Campaign of Acceptance.

~~ Prologue ~~

We’ve been in the air for a day and are well on our way to the territory covered by our beloved airship Liquid Sky. The comfortable climate control makes it easy to forget that it’s freezing and March outside. After dinner I gather my crew to help welcome the newest member of Charlie Bay. Corporal Bernstein spends a lot of his spare time in the enlisted men’s bunks. Coming up to the door, I kick it open, enter and stop just inside the door. A bit dramatic, but that’s what we’re going for. Being a woman, normally I would knock and have whoever I was here to see come out into the hall, but this is a hazing. For any and all initiation rituals it is only polite, and at times demanded because of protocol, to make the arrangements in advance with the gentlemen who call these quarters home.

“Corporal Bernstein, front and center!” I yell. Corporal Bernstein’s one and three quarter meters tall, square jawed form can be seen startling at the back of the large, brightly lit room. His dark brown hair and gray eyes come into view as he scrambles up to me, and comes to attention. Homer, who is to my left, laughs at him.

“Sergeant Decoudreau, control yourself man.” I turn to glare at him playfully, and notice a picture. The picture of a very familiar naked body, including my damn tattoo, but excluding my face has been blown up to ten by thirteen. My beautifully full bare ass, ample breasts and the firm muscle that covers my entire body are there for everyone see. I could even tell you the Yoga position I was in when he took it. Perhaps I should appreciate that my brown eyes, long brown hair and gorgeous facial features aren’t captured in the shot, but I’m too pissed to care. “Fuck, dude, really?”

“What?” he asks with a shrug and a devil may care smile. It’s an attractive smile, and I’ve always admired the chocolate milk toned skin and blue eyed handsome face that his smile resides on. His tall muscular build, which most of the other Marines sport, is also very nice to look at.

I give him a look that says, ‘Take that the fuck down and I’ll kick your ass later.’

He gives me a look that says, ‘You’ll try.’

When I raise my eyebrows in the ‘I’m serious. Take it the fuck down.’ expression, he rolls his eyes and nods.

Turning my attention back to Bernstein, “Corporal, you have a date with Destiny.” Destiny’s crew comes around me, Sergeant Cunrad Marsteller has a burlap bag, and it goes over Bernstein’s head. Once we’re out the door, we start walking. We’re not walking down to Charlie Bay just yet. “Corporal Bernstein, Destiny likes her men with a musk, so we’re all going to take a little jog first. Understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” First we’ll take him all over the airship to get him disoriented before heading down to our station. I’ve always thought that getting them disoriented first was a little futile because if I tell them that they have a date with one of our Artillery pieces, then they know where we’re going. However, tradition holds true, and we disorient them first.

We jog him all over the Liquid Sky’s five decks, but don’t venture up to the gasbags that are above them. Since we’re on the habitation deck, or D deck which is the second from the top, we start there. D deck also houses the bridge, which is at the front of the airship. Taking the stairs up to E deck we greet a few of the Marines on duty. E deck is the support deck, which contains some overflow from habitation, the gym, the medical bay, water storage and boring storage. Next we venture down to the bottom of the ship, A deck, containing landing gear and some of the point defense guns. After that it’s up to C deck where the ordinance bays, main fuel storage, and small arms ammunition storage are. Finally we reach B deck, the artillery deck, which contains me and mine plus the two other artillery bays, Alpha and Bravo.

Each deck has a ten Marine Rapid Response Team in addition to the two Marines per compartment. There is a twenty Marine ‘floating reserve’ located on the habitation deck. We say hello to the nice Marines as we pass. They give Corporal Bernstein some good natured ribbing, and thoroughly enjoy watching our dear Corporal Bernstein tripping and stumbling all over the airship.

Corporal Dammeyer and Sergeant Sammetinger are the two Marines assigned to my compartment during the day, and B deck’s day shift Rapid Response Team is led by the Marine Commander’s second in command, Lieutenant Commander Sayanovich. Though since they aren’t on duty at the moment they aren’t the Marines we greet before heading into my bay. These Marines have, of course, been briefed on our shenanigans. Since I’m here, there’s no problem getting into the bay.

The breech block has already been taken off of Destiny, we don’t want to actually decapitate Corporal Bernstein. Each artillery’s crew gets into position for us to continue our ritual. I nod, and Sergeant Marsteller drags Bernstein up to the Redfield Arsenal Model 100 that’s been named Destiny. “Corporal, Destiny is a high maintenance kinda girl. She likes to be caressed and shown the deepest affection. She wants to feel your greedy hands all over her. Can you do that, Corporal? Can you make her feel loved?”

Bernstein starts to answer, but is cut off as Sergeant Stevens closes the breech block on Alana. After nearly shitting his jumpsuit, Bernstein yells out, “Yes, Ma’am!”

“Then show her.” I order. Watching him move forward with his head still in the bag, his hands outstretched feeling around for what he’s been asked to caress makes it a struggle for me not to laugh. He finds Destiny and moves his hands in circles, lovingly caressing her. “I think she’d like a kiss, Corporal.” He complies with that as well, and I’m glad he can’t see me smiling. I manage to keep from laughing, but my cheeks ache from all the effort and smiling. “Oh, I think she really likes you. Can you hear her? She’s just begging for you take her. She wants to feel you deep inside her. You want to make Destiny happy, don’t you?”

Sergeant Verena Taupacher closes the breech block on Buford.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Bernstein answers, a little less sure.

The rest of Destiny’s crew help Bernstein get his head in. “Now, Corporal Bernstein, you have been transferred to the Charlie Bay artillery crew from the mess. Is that what you were hoping for?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“The mess isn’t a very distinguished assignment is it, Corporal?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“But do you have the trust required for doing what you’re told, and standing with us even in the face of danger? And make no mistake, the air isn’t the safe haven it’s made out to be. You know how I got my promotion onto the Liquid Sky, after all.” I say, referring to the untimely passing of the former Charlie Shooter.

“Yes, Ma’am, I have the trust..” Bernstein is interrupted by Sergeant Nakagawa closing the breech block on Clyde. “I trust this crew and I’m not afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder in front of danger.”

“You can always go back to the mess where it’s a little safer. Would you like to go back the mess, Corporal Bernstein? Or would you like Destiny to embrace you?” The question implies that we would close the breech block, relieving him of his head and the burden of life.

“I’m not going back to the mess. You best close that thing on me right now, if that’s my only option.”

“Okay.” I walk up to him and bring my hand down on his neck, not hard, just enough to startle him one more time. Removing the bag from his head, I continue with a huge smile, “Welcome to the crew, Corporal. When we land for first ground leave, beer’s on me.”

I’m rewarded with a look of relief and huge, happy grin from the member of the Charlie Bay family. “I look forward to it, Ma’am.”

~~ 1 ~~

June’s leave, which will be in Eichstadt City, Eichstadt, looks like it will have decent weather. May’s leave was soggy, and we spent half of it with Shubha and Fritz. Liz and I have two days off together, that’s been the standard. Sex has become an almost nightly occurrence. Seems now that Liz has had sex, she’s out to have as much of it as humanly possible. I’m so spoiled. It just keeps getting better. I see now why Grady says married sex is the best sex he’s ever had. You become an expert in pleasing other person’s body, and they do the same.

Although, I find myself missing the couple things that Liz can’t provide. Relationships are full of compromises. No relationship is perfect one hundred percent of the time. I’m sure I’ll get used to not having those things. Maybe I’m just going through withdrawal. Can you be addicted to sex? I’ve never really thought about it before, and I won’t be starting now.

As far as the war goes, things are not going as well as we’d like. Every battle is a learning experience, as long as you don’t die, and we adjust our tactics as we learn theirs. Unfortunately, they do the same. Luckily, the Liquid Sky hasn’t taken an abundance of damage yet this tour, but that can change at any moment. We win most of the battles, but the cultist army seems to have no end.

Heading down to the mess for dinner, I run into Lieutenant Genevieve Wuori. She’s just a hair shorter than I am with shrewd blue eyes and bright blonde hair that round out her perfect cheek bones and triangular face. “Hey, Veive.”

“Hey.” she says, distracted.

“What’s up?”


“You seem distracted. Something bothering you?” I ask.

“Just thinking about something. You and Liz gonna stay at the table tonight, or are you running off as soon as you finish dinner again? Homer is refusing to show those pictures until you two can stay at the table and enjoy his reminiscence of the evening. Which by the way, I still haven’t heard his version of, and I’m dying to.”

“I guess Liz and I have been kinda wrapped up in each other haven’t we? Sorry. We’ll stay at the table tonight.”

“Don’t say it if Liz won’t allow you to do it.”

“I can do it.” I respond, a little offended. As if Liz would wear the pants in this relationship.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Typical thought process from a woman who’s used to having men wrapped around her little finger. Since she views me as ‘the guy’, she assumes I’m as whipped as any guy she’s dated. It has amazed me at how much her view of me has changed since she found out that I’m bisexual, and started seeing Liz. She has started to view me as more one of the guys than she used to. I’ve always been more comfortable as one of the guys, but usually women have treated me like one of them. Vieve was same, but now she sees me like she sees Grady. She’ll figure out eventually that sexuality doesn’t make the person, but I think it will take some time. Genevieve is a close friend and worth that time.

We get in line and start the wait to get our food. Liz has already sat down with Lieutenant Junior Grade Hartwig Grady at a table. Looking at her from across the room is a joy. It gives me the opportunity to admire all her mannerisms and easy smiles. She’s beautiful. Her red hair has grown out a few inches so that it’s just past her shoulders. Right now it’s up in a high ponytail, but when it’s down you can see the sexy waves that go through it. My girl has the most amazing green-hazel eyes and modest-sized breasts. Liz is several centimeters shorter than I am, and has nice full hips that are perfect for grabbing and squeezing. How could anyone not see how amazing she is? “Neue Erde to Susan, come in Susan.” says Homer from behind me.

“Oh hey, Homer. How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long. You were staring again. Young love.” he teases. “I never thought I’d see that look in your eye.”

“Whatever.” I smile that stupid goofy smile that people smile when they’re embarrassed, but happily thinking of their significant other.

“Have you two professed undying love yet?” Genevieve inquires, all moony eyed and grinning.

“That would be a little fast, don’t you think?” I ask.

“No. You’ve known each other for nine months now. And I hate to break it to you but it was pretty much love at first sight.” Genevieve informs me. Poor delusional girl.

“We’ve only been exclusive for three months.” I realize something. “Fuck me seven ways to Sunday.”

“What?” Homer asks, concerned.

“I went six months without sex.”

“Yeah. And?” responds Genevieve.

“Wow, you do love her.” Homer understands me fully.

“It’s not like you weren’t getting play during those times.” Genevieve rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

I realize something else, and I don’t know how to feel about it. “I haven’t had a dick in me for almost nine months.”

Homer lays an understanding hand on my shoulder and nods his head. Genevieve is looking at me like I’ve just said one of the most idiotic things she’s ever heard in her life. “What the fuck does that matter? You love Liz, and you like having sex with girls.”

Homer shakes his head. “Geny, you don’t understand. Susan enjoys both, and she’s used to being very active with both genders. One of the reasons she has never been willing to commit to someone is because no one person has both a dick and a pussy. Therefore, she has just realized, that this love maybe doomed.”

Okay, maybe Vieve isn’t the only one who’s view of me has changed without their realizing it. Though, in this case, I think it’s less the bisexual thing and more the sudden change in lifestyle thing. I have been quite promiscuous since I became an adult. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with it. If I were straight or gay, that would simply mean that I was promiscuous only one gender. Compromise has never been a quality of mine, and I don’t know what that says about me, or what that will mean for my relationship.

“She’s not doomed. You’re both so dramatic. They love each other, Susan will get used to not having a penis at her disposal. Liz has fingers, I’m sure those are in you on a regular basis.”

“It’s not the same. I mean it’s really good, but it’s not the same. I’ll be fine. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I notice as we’re coming up on the end of the line that we’ve been having this very personal discussion in front of Specialist Ben-Avigdor and Corporal Sulzberg. Fuck, this is going to be all over the airship by the morning. They couldn’t keep their mouths shut if their lives depended on it.

We walk over to the table and sit down in silence. One of the male marines walks by. I notice the bulge at the front of his pants, and get a little lost in thought. “Susan.” Grady snaps harshly, pulling my eyes back to the table. He’s tall, well-muscled, handsome with blonde hair and brown eyes.

“Yeah?” I respond.

“I think he wants you to answer the question.” replies Liz, with an angry look. I have no idea what I’ve done, but I know that look means I’m trouble.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?” I ask Grady, ignoring the deepening of Liz’s angry expression.

“Are you two going to stay at the table tonight, and let us all finally see the pictures that Homer’s been holding hostage for the past three months?”

“Yes. Yes we are.” I answer.

“We are?” inquires Liz, clearly surprised.

“We’ve been kinda AWOL from the group.” I point out. “Don’t you want to see the pictures?”

“Fine.” Liz snaps, and eats her food sullenly.

I’m not arguing in front of everyone, so I start eating. There’s an awkward silence at the table for a little while, but Genevieve manages to start the conversation rolling again. Once we’re all done eating and put our trays away, Homer brings out the pictures. “Now, these are just the best out of the few rolls that I managed to snap. Although, there are some other really good ones.” Laying them out one by one he gives a brief description of what point in the night each picture was taken. As I suspected, he did manage a few of Anya when she wasn’t looking. He’s really very good at sneaking about. My favorites are the ones of Liz and I on the dance floor. That is until he brings out the ones from Manny and Charlie’s fight.

“So who won?” I ask.

“Why were they fighting?” inquires Liz. “I thought they were friends.”

“Yeah, Charlie’s never really been good at that.” Homer answers about his older brother.

“What? Being friends?” Genevieve asks.

“Yeah. He has a tendency to shit where he sleeps. If you take my meaning.” Homer replies.

“Umm… not really.”

“He goes after girls regardless of whether or not his friends are interested in them.” I explain.

“Or if they’re already in a relationship. Pretty much any girl that he thinks is pretty is fair game.” Homer elaborates.

“No offense, Homer, but your brother sounds like an asshole.” Genevieve declares.

“None taken.” says Homer. “Hell, if he weren’t my brother, I wouldn’t like him. Unless you’re about to imply that it runs in the family.”

“I had not intended on it.” she responds scooting closer and leaning in unnecessarily to put their bodies together under the pretext of looking at the pictures.

Homer looks down at the top of her head in confusion, but gives her a sniff since he has the opportunity. Though, really, who can blame him? “By the way, Susan, thanks a lot.” he says sarcastically. “He’s also very competitive. Now that he knows, and believes, I’ve been with two girls, he’s started that shit up again. He was convinced that we were on even ground.”

“So, who won?” I ask again.

“Are there ever any winners in cases like this?” responds Homer.

“Damn it, man! Just answer the question.” I insist.

“Nobody.” he answers, disappointed. “They got pulled apart as you were walking out the door.” He spreads out a few pictures of Manny and Charlie being escorted out of the building by several burly looking gentlemen. “Now remember, people. The only picture I took of Lieutenant Commander Sayanovich is the one with Liz and Susan at the beginning of night. That’s before she got really drunk and groped my date’s ass.”

“What?!” Liz says. “She groped Madalyn?”

“Yeah, on the dance floor while you was passed out. Fuck, I don’t think I ever saw anybody pass out on so little alcohol.” Homer laughs.

Liz crosses her arms, and slumps down. “I’m not used to drinking that much, and I did have a lot.”

“It’s alright, Liz. I’m just having fun with ya. Madalyn’s the same way.” says Homer.

“It’s still embarrassing.” Liz grumbles.

I want to put a comforting arm around her shoulder and kiss her on the top of her head, but we avoid public displays of affection just like any other couple would be expected to while on duty. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“It’s really not.” confirms Genevieve. “The fact that they’ve built up such a tolerance means they spend way more money than we do to get their buzz on.”

“This is true.” Grady agrees.

“So, why were Charlie and Manny fighting?” Liz inquires for the second time.

Homer looks a question at me. I nod, trusting him to put it honestly, but also in the best light possible. “Charlie got a little friendly with Susan. It was not appreciated by either Susan or Manny.”

“He came on to you?” Liz asks, looking at me.

“Yes, he did. When Manny saw, he came up behind Charlie as I was telling him off.” I answer.

“Wow.” Liz responds. “He just came up to you and … What did he do?”

“He pulled me by my pigtails into a kiss. This was after I told him that I was sort of seeing someone.”

Liz ends up getting a full account of the night’s events after she passed out. Well, a full account of everything at the party. I leave out everything that happened once Sayanovich took her out to the car. Once I finish, it’s about Liz’s bedtime and I walk her back to her room. Part of me wants to stay and try to give her a proper goodnight, but I don’t think she thinks I’ve earned it since I’m the one who suggested staying at the table.

“It’s a little late.” She opens the door and steps inside.

Yep, here it comes.

“So, we won’t have time for much.” Snaking her arm around my waist, she pulls me into the room, her body and a passionate kiss. I must not be in as much trouble as I thought. Moving me sideways, she closes the door and presses me harder into the wall. After removing our shoulder holsters, we unzip each other’s jumpsuits and slide them down our shoulders, freeing our arms.

Placing my hands on her hips, I push the jumpsuit down to fall at her feet and she does the same with me. “Damn it.”


“Boots.” I answer.

“Right.” She releases me from the wall. We take off our boots, and pick up the weapons that were discarded on the floor. Holsters, pistols, and knives go on her dresser.

“Mmm. That’s a good way to end a night.” She snuggles into me for a moment.

“Indeed.” I respond, and she rolls off so I can get up and get dressed. I hand a wet wipe up to her, and her jumpsuit. Then I notice her watching me and appreciating the view as I get dressed. Once I’ve got my jumpsuit and all my gear back on I use a wipe too. As a matter of personal policy I never walk around with sex on my face if I can help it. After giving a final adjustment to the straps on my holster and checking the pistol automatically, I say, “Good night, Gingerbear.”

“Good night, Honey-muffin.”

On the way back to my room I run into Sergeant Quintin Davis, formerly a Corporal on the Detroit. The newest addition to the Marine contingent, and the asshole that gave me the black eye over a year ago. That is not the only reason I strongly dislike this man. He was so drunk that night, he doesn’t remember getting laid or hitting me, so my pride has taken a big hit.

“Good evening, Lieutenant Frohman.” greets Sergeant Davis as he steps in front of me.

“Evening, Sergeant Davis.” I respond like I always do; polite words, pissed off tone.

“You always sound so pissed off, and I’m just being nice. Why don’t you like me?”

“Just don’t.” I haven’t volunteered any of my knowledge of our five seconds of passion, so he has no clue why I’d be so adversarial to him and not anyone else. Well, Dr. Petersen, but he hides in his hole in the Medical Bay and avoids interaction with the general population of the airship. Hopefully, by the start of next tour Dr. Petersen will have found somewhere else that will take him.

“You don’t even know me, and I heard you got along with everyone?” He’s misinterpreted my reputation as so many others have. Yet another reason not to like him. “I can be very pleasant.” he insists.

“But for how long?” I snark.

“What?” The look of confusion on his face is my reward.

“Never mind.” I start to walk around him, but he decides to get forward. He tries to hook me around the waist, but I block him. “Don’t touch me.”

He gives an irritated look and tries persuasion again. “Lieutenant, why don’t you let me buy you a drink tomorrow? We’ll both be on leave, and maybe we can clear up this hostility. I have no idea why I’m the only person on the ship that you don’t like, but I’d love a chance to prove that I can be a good friend. Think about it.”

As he walks off down the hall, I admire his nice ass. Damn it! Stop that, Susan, you don’t even like that asshole. You have Liz; you don’t need anything else. I’ve never believed in stereotypes, but at this rate even I might start to doubt myself. I head into my room and drift off to sleep.


I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak. Don’t forget to get your copy on Tuesday, January 19th. If you haven’t read the first one (Frohman’s War: Battle of Hearts), don’t fret get it for free on January 18th.



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